Solving Techniques

Version 1.7 utilizes 34 different solving techniques.  They are:

Singles: naked
Singles: hidden
Doubles: naked
Doubles: hidden
Triples: naked
Triples: hidden
Quads: naked
Quads: hidden
Locked candidates
Finned Fish (finned X-Wing)
Finned Swordfish
Finned Jellyfish
2 String Kite
Turbot Fish
Empty Rectangle (or Hinge)
Colors (Conjugate Pair Coloring)   (fixed this, wasn't working prior to version 1.7)  Now just press the Z key!
X-Chain *
XY-Chain *
Uniqueness Test (only available on valid puzzles)
* new for version 1.4

Jet Sudoku also uses BRUTE FORCE but I don't consider that a valid solving technique. BRUTE FORCE is only used to prove validity
when the above techniques fail to produce a solution.  

There are lots of other advanced solving techniques out there.  Jet Sudoku version 1.4  doesn't use them but perhaps future versions will.  I have experimented
with many other advanced techniques.  Many are either redundant or too complex (for me anyway).  

Several of the above techniques are obsolete or at least redundant.  When using the default order of solving techniques, I've yet to find a puzzle
that requires finding a Squirmbag,  X-loop, or COLORS technique to produce a solution.    If you find such a puzzle, please send it to me!

I will probably be adding more solving techniques in the future.  I you have any suggestions please contact me at