Default Order of Solving Techniques

default.JPGThis form shows the order of solving techniques used in Jet Sudoku.  This order is used when a player requests a hint.   Jetsudoku currently uses 33 different solving techniques.   The order in which these techniques are used is arbitrary.   Perhaps you'd prefer to look for a swordfish before looking for a Turbot Fish.   For this reason, the order of techniques in fully configurable.  You can change the order of techniques as often as you like.  This form is avaliable under the TOOLS menu or just by pressing the F7 key.

When a user asks for a hint, Jet Sudoku will start at the top of this list and test each technique sequentially until it finds a technique that either solves a square or eliminates one or more candidates.  

The DEFAULT order of techniques is slightly different.  It is the order used when testing a puzzle for validity and when determining a puzzle's difficulty level.   This occurs everytime a new puzzle is loaded.

You can change the order of techniques by clicking and dragging techniques up and down the list.  If you would like to save the list as the default order, just use the check box at the bottom of the form.