What's New In This Version?
1/3/2016 Version 3.8
    Windows 10 compatible
   Email!  Send pilot account statements by email!
   Help files updated
   Improved pilot search function.

2/9/2012  Version 3.2
   Finally, PCM is compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7!
10/25/03  Version 2.9

    Create account total reports by specifying effective date

5/8/02  Version 2.7
    Improved editing/updating of Work Orders

5/5/02  Version 2.6

    Dues were being posted correctly but the total dues posted message
    was giving the wrong total. Corrected this.

    Changed the lease back report to separate owner from non-onwer hours
    and include explanation on screen and report

    Pilot list report now creates list of pilots using the discount (block) rate

4/30/02 Fixed the dues.  The special dues rates weren't being used
    Changed the way the lease report shows the owner hours

3/21/02  fixed a glitch in the pilot comment routine that
    was causing a type mismatch error
    Single flights, message that erroneous instructor credits were    
    being posted .   fixed this
    registration codes ignore leading spaces
    Corrected the shut down such that PCM unloads completely

3/3/02 Begin version 2.4
Enhanced the autofix button on aircraft log
    single flight - checks for inactive pilot
    splash screen comes on every 5 minutes if idle
    pilot list now includes students/instructors
    enhance the function keys for entering dates
     Corrected a problem with deleting aircraft.
2/6/02  Begin version 2.3
    Fixed location of pcm.ini (was being placed in data directory but
    read from support directory).  Was getting moved each time PCM was run.
    Added Tip of the Day feature
    Widened the CHECKS FOR DEPOSIT REPORT to add room for block purchase
    Single Flight form
    Added a purchase block on the main screen pull down menu (under pilots)
    Program option now includes the ability to turn on/off instructor credits
    Revised the misc menu to include PROGRAM OPTIONS
    autofix button on flight log
    can remember if meter changed (new meter installed)   
    New registration numbers. PCM vs Pilot Master Professional
    AutoFix button on flight log
    IgnoreMeter value (for installing new hobbs)
    Checks to deposit enhanced
1/20/02 --------BEGIN VERSION 2.2-----------------------------------------------
   Can access web page from splash screen
    clicking the CHANGE BLOCK RATE OPTION button on the pilot accounts
    screen now loads correct default option button
    Complete revamped the pilot info screen, including a button to
    always allow block rate for pilots

    Pilot Search has been improved - provides list of matching names

    Block Time has been changed.  the block option button can be turned
    on or off anytime.  If pilot has a positive block balance, it was
    be on automatically.  Also, if the option is on, the block balance
    will be displayed on both the pilot info screen and the pilot account
    screen.  Also, negative balances are red, zero or postive balances
    are blue.

    When entering flights, pressing the F2 key will enter the pilot in the
    above cell.  If first row, then MainPilotNumber is used
    SUPPORT directory created.  It contains all files except mdb files
    Even the NewDB.xdb file is located in the support folder
    JPG files found in the support directory are displayed in the splash screen   

    Added routine to move nondatabase files from data folder to support folder

    Pilot Info screen now won't allow both student and instructor to both be checked (you can't be both)

    Version 2.1
    Now can disable bfr med dates on statements
    Also, student's bfr are never printed on statements       
    Adjusted forms to fit screen with different resolutions.

    Corrected the lease back field - owners hours option button

    Select Pilot form now highlights the last accessed pilot

    the most recent pilot accessed is automatically highlighted
    in Select Pilots and when accessing the Pilot Screen

    Added a Search button to the pilot's accounts (search for pilot)

    Text boxes now automatically select text

    Screen adjusted to accomodate 800x600 resolution

    Pull down menu added to Accounts screen

    New Search button added to Accounts Screen

    Fuel Credit button added to Accounts Screen

    Current pilot is automatically selected when accessing pilot
    screen or accounts screen.

    Block Rate feature added.  block report and several new forms regarding
    block flight amounts.

    Clear Account feature

    Unblock flights and payments

    Version 2.0
    When pilot's are deleted, the pilot's name is placed in the
        Flight.Info field.  This way, when the flight log is
        viewed, instead of seeing PILOT HAS BEEN DELETED, the
        pilot's name will be displayed with the phrase DELETED
        after the pilot's name
    There is now a form that allows the user the option to save or delete
    flights when a pilot is deleted.  This form appears each time a pilot
    is deleted (form can be disabled) and there is also a menu item
    on the MISC menu.

    Version 1.9
    When viewing a pilot screen and then going to VIEW ACCOUNT, posting a
    payment would cause PILOT NOT IN DATABASE to appear.  This was because
    the pilot number was negative to indicate a credit rather than a debit.
    However, the pilot finding routine couldn't find a negative pilot number.
    Its fixed.  (This had to do with allowing posting of credits to all
    pilot accounts).

    Added a search function to selecting pilots (similar to that when
    using the PILOTS screen). 

10/16/01  fixed this
(When previewing a statement, if you go back and change the start date, the new start
date doesn't work, it uses the old start date intead.)  

    The following was fixed
(When printing account statements (single) use print dialog box (this is already done
when printing other reports.  Also when printing other reports, when clicking CANCEL,
a message box pops up stating CANCEL WAS SELECTED.  )

    Version 1.8
    Allow payments to all active accounts (used to be debits only)

    Version 1.7
    Dues feature is working well, but when posting dues, it would report
    an erroneous total amount (in a message box).  Fixed this.

    Fixed a bug which would generate an error if user didn't select an mdb
    file from the dialog box.

    Added a command button when view aircraft list (under AIRCRAFT)
    Now the mdb data file can exist anywhere.  It will be in the data directory
    by default, but can exist elsewhere.  This will be useful for networking.

    Fuel purchases - prompt user to enter 3 letter identifier for airport

1/13/01 Version 1.6
     - still could get erroneous hourly rate if user pressed ESC when
    entering flights (recalc was bypassed).  Fixed this
    Also fixed CANCEL button on audit

    Added a STUDENT field to pilot database
    Added a Dues boolean and amount field to pilot database

    Further improved the logbook scan dialog boxes   

    Omits students from the BFR report
    Revamped the dues. Each pilot has his/her own dues. 
    New pilots get the default dues rate.

    Dues can now be posted manually
    Can now turn on/off dues feature for all pilots
    Can set default dues rate for all pilots

    Corrected an error - if entering flights and auditing earlier flights,
    then clicking SAVE (without pressing ENTER), the grid wouldn't be
    recalculated correctly - this would cause the edited flight to
    computer an erroneous hourly rate.  The rest of the flights would
    be OK.  Fixed this.

    Cleaned up the start routine (was asking questions on each aircraft even
    when CANCEL was clicked)

 Version 1.5
    Flight Log Audit was causing too many questions on start up (message box
    was popping up for each plane). Fixed this

    Program wasn't unloading completely.  Corrected this

    version 1.4
    Activate password protection when databases are loaded (FILE|LOAD)

    Fixed the log book print preview
    changes password protection. password is only needed once per session
    except to turn password protection off
    Added a FONT button to Account Print Preview
    File date is now shown on splash screen   
10/13/00 Version 1.3
    Added AIRCRAFT OWNED list to Pilot info screen   
    Checks for valid dates in reports
    LastAuditDate field added to Aircraft Table
    Fixed lease back report for better print preview (no overlap with big font)
    Create a report of bad flight dates with corrections
    optional scan of meds/bfrs and a/c logs on start up or file load
    added another option to the FLIGHT STATS report.  Select NONE for
    subtotals to create report of any period

9/24/00  Version 1.20
    added a printer dialog box to printing logs and printing all statements
    Made certain that flight logs are in DATE order, not LOGOUT order
    (this way you can change your hobbs meter and still be in date order)

    Comments weren't being printed on statements. fixed this

    Won't allow multiple versions to run simultaneously
    Added Owner's table. 
    Owners button to Aircraft Screen
    Added Leaseback table
    Added WorkOrder Table
    to show who owns which planes
    LeaseBack Report.

    Database refresh and backup checks for file size before copying to floppy   

    Fixed Scroll on print preview

    Version 1.19
    fixed error when changing pilots in flight
    Added text field to SELECT PILOT
    Payment Type report was too wide, moved amounts to left
    Fixed font change on checks report
    fixed the font for tab reports
    Created a MEd/bfr button
    Added a text entry box to the SELECT PILOT form
    Completely revamped the Flight Stats
    Progress meter on Flight Stats
    Revamped the med and bfr expiration system.  changed it for:
        Pilot List
        Viewing Pilot Info
        Account Statements
        Checking for expired pilots at program startup
    dates on statements now show class, date of exam, expiration date
    Pilot List now omits spaces for single item list

8/30/00 Version 1.18
    Deletes the file INACTIVE.TXT after its used
    Correct closed database problem encountered when opening
    database files.
    Allow font selection when printing reports.
    Allow printer select when printing reports.
    Gets rid of the PRINTER menu selection from the
    main screen.

    Selecting database now uses common dialog box
    credit card charge field added to payments

    Fixed fuel report so that info line isn't cut off

    Added the Payment Type Report

    Version 1.17
    Bug was in the fuel credit screen which would generate
    and error when pressing ENTER in the TOTALS screen
    Fixed in this version
    Version 1.16
    Errors occur when adding new pilots
    This was because a bug causing a FILE ALREADY OPEN error
    This version fixed this

8/24/00  Version 1.15

    fixed statement comments so that they don't go off the end of the page
    Added Certificate number to the PILOTS table, added same field to
    the pilot info screen.  Also it scans for duplicate cert numbers
    when saving pilot info.

    Added Birthdate and Certificate number to pilot list

    Created an OUTSIDE FUEL PURCHASES report

    Improved the report previewer/printer

    Allows editing of fuel credit entries
8/23/00  Version 1.1

    Added a birthday field to pilot table
    Corrected the medical exam calculations to correct errors
    and also allow for 3 year cycle for under age 40

    Added a feature to inactivate pilots who haven't flown in past 6 months

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