Version 3.2  (updated Feb 9, 2012)

Current PCM users:  Installing PCM on a new computer

To move Pilot Club Master to a new computer, you must do a new installation.  You cannot merely copy your files from your old computer (there are several support files that must be installed in various Windows folders).  You will however need to copy your database file(s) and move them to your new system.

You'll  need two things:

1).  Your PCM registration code (it was mailed to you when you registered.  Contact us if you have lost it.)
Once you've installed PCM on your new computer,  click the MISC menu and select REGISTER PILOT CLUB MASTER and enter your code.

2).  Your PCM database file(s).   These files have the extension .mdb.  You will have at least one of these.  The location of the database files depends on which version of PCM you are currently using on your old computer.

What version of PCM are you using on your old computer?
PCM version 3.2 and beyond:
If you are already using PCM version 3.2 or higher on your old system, just run PCM and select File/Backup.  It will allow you to copy your data files to a new location (flash drive, etc)

PCM version prior to 3.2:
If you are using PCM versions prior to version 3.2, your database files will be found in the DATA folder located here:

Windows XP or previous:
      c:\program files\pilot club master\data

Windows Vista or Windows 7:
     c:\program files (x86)\pilot club master\data

The best way to do this is to copy the MDB files in your old DATA folders to a portable flash drive, or you can burn them to a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM disk.

Installing database files on the new computer
Next, Download and install the lastest version of PCM on your new computer.  Once you are up and running, click File / Import on the main menu.  It will guide you the rest of the way.

If you have any trouble, contact us